Trophy Series

2012 - present

There are certainly perceived social benefits for those fetishized by myths. However, do “Big Black Dick” narratives perpetuated by both Blacks and non-Blacks really speak to the humanity of Black individuals with penises?  The Trophy Series an empathetic and realistic series of rendered phalluses request the viewer to see the penises as the representation of individuals, and not objects. Attaining humanity from racist objectivity. The drawings ask the viewer to consider the human beings the penises are attached to and not merely the exoticized temporal experience suggested by the mythology. Within those considerations lie the following questions:


1) Historically, has the Trophy penis, the Mandingo male fantasy, or the Big Black Cock narrative in your mind served to humanize Black people with penises?

2) Do these narratives truly express appreciation of the individual by way of complimenting a socially positive trait; or are they about power and who holds it?


© Chris Christion, Artist/Curator