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Biomythography as Practice:
Creating A Visual Journal

This Course utilizes students' own autobiography to complete a visual journal guided by the literary concept of Biomythography. Through the recording of questions and daily observations, students will examine ways to visually incorporate their personal vocabulary and communal customs while exploring notions of representation through different cultural lenses. Sourcing alternative materials both conceptually and physically students will explore and implement unconventional ways of creating images (i.e. collage and/or texts as graphic devices).  The class will work as a community to build new methods for viewing, understanding, evaluating, and discussing 2D media and representations of identity.

Biomythography: Terms

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Learning Outcomes

This is an entry course in the language, processes, and media of visual art. Course work will be organized around lectures and studio problems that will introduce students to the nature of art-making and visual thinking. Students will expand their critical thinking abilities and develop visual literacy skills through self-generated projects as well as in-group assignments, and critical class engagements.

By completing this course, you will:

  • Develop insight into personal creative process and passion for learning.

  • Exercise community building.  This develops a consensus for a safe space for studio work, explorations, and ideas that will aid students within the institution and beyond.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and knowledge of conceptual theory concerning identity as a construction and the socio-political ideas concerning image-making, narrative construction, and presentation methods.

  • Objectively analyze and assess images in-group, individual, and written contexts using relevant critique formats, concepts, and terminology.

Past Student Work

Student Journal Entry 10/23/20

Student Journal Entry 11/06/20