The Axis of Ego
An Anthropological Mixtape...
The video series “The Axis of Ego”  consists of 3 videos works which engage in processes of montage/collage, sampling, remixing and found poetry that function as a visual treatise investigating masculinity and the destructive nature of racially, culturally, and gendered hierarchical organization. The results are
works that interrogate internal and collectives narratives while exploring intersecting concepts of cultural humility, cultural speculation, cognitive dissonance and myth creation of inherited racial and social constructs. 

Clip from Axis of Ego Trilogy pt. 1 of 3
Axis of Ego
Axis of Ego Trilogy pt. 1 of 3

Appropriation art collage piece

work-in-progress 2017

Running Time: 09:24

© Chris Christion, Artist/Curator

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