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The Axis of Ego
2017 Appropriation art collage piece work-in-progress
An Anthropological Mixtape...

“The Axis of Ego” engages in processes of montage/collage, sampling, remixing, and found poetry. It functions as Christion’s visual journal, investigating myth creation particularly those regarding masculinity and whiteness. Drawing from techniques of collage and found poetry Christion explores personal and historical narratives. Throughout the series, he conflates and then reframes images, words, phrases, even whole passages from Fritz Lang’s post World War II film series on the hypnotic Dr. Mabuse character, Norman Jewison’s racially charged 1984 film A Soldier’s Story, as well as various interview segments from James Baldwin. Similar to sampling practices in music, Christion imparts new meaning through the cutting, splicing, and reinterpreting of elements while continuing to explore notions of toxic masculinity, cultural humility, and cultural speculation.

The Making of The Axis of Ego Series

Listen to Chris Christion discuss his process of video collage and the creation of this video art series

"The series consists of three separate videos “Axis of Ego”, which draws comparisons between systematic racism and "The Formula" a specific strategy referenced in the 2005 Guy Richie directed film Revolver which is designed to allow it's user to win any game" 

Artist Commentary: Axis of Ego, Axis of Ego Trilogy pt. 1 of 3, 
Appropriation art collage piece, work-in-progress 2017 
Running Time: 09:24

“The Id, explores racism and white supremacy in relation to a popular psychological belief that no external enemy exists outside of the ego."

Artist Commentary: The Id, Axis of Ego Trilogy pt. 2 of 3, 
Appropriation art collage piece, work-in-progress 2017, 
Running Time: 06:54

"The Isolated I is the final video of the series and refers to the toxicity and me-ism inherent in the pursuit of superiority and/or exceptionalism. As a whole, the series investigates the intersection of toxic notions of masculinity, whiteness, and ego and how they are interwoven through culture, class, and social relationships."

Artist Commentary: The Isolated I, Axis of Ego Trilogy pt. 3 of 3, 
Appropriation art collage piece, work-in-progress 2017, 
Running Time: 10:57
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