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My teaching philosophy is grounded in my commitment to preparing students for the global culture characterized by the digital age.   I work to create proficiency within my student's work as well as relate their unique backgrounds and identities to the theoretical and conceptual issues within the fine arts.  After being educated in the fine arts, I came to the social sciences.   My approach to fine arts education and visual culture studies involves the integration of History, Literature, Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Cultural Studies.   I believe that the integration of these disciplines within fine arts and media arts education yields students with strong conceptual frameworks. It is the thinkers who will succeed in an economy now driven by ideas.   Hence, I feel most comfortable teaching a variety of theories and methods to provide greater insights into the issues at hand. 

Past Student Work

Painting courses feature lectures, group activities, and demonstrations in order to expose students to the variety of approaches that allow them to be better consumers and creators of visuals. During the course, there will be discussions, readings, and video viewings about current events related to creative practices. 

Projects are graded on effort and fulfillment of grading criteria. Grading criteria will cover creative problem solving, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and conceptual integrity.