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Solo Exhibition

A Context for Transcendence

Eastside International (ESXLA)​

Installation Images

“When you can express and articulate what’s happening to you, you have a measure of transcendence over it. It gives you speech, it gives you self-definition and when you have self-definition and not defined by the world then you transcend”.


James H. Cone

What is the installation A Context of Transcendence about?

Christianity and colonialism are often associated because historically, particular readings and imagery from the Bible have been used to affirm ideas of race and slavery.  Both promise spiritual, cultural, economic and political liberation while using the bible to historically sanction the withholding of certain theories or recorded events in history, generating ignorance based on preconceptions that are found in values and standards of its Eurocentric leadership.

A Context For Transcendence 2018 (Installation Detail: Video Projection Still) 

A Context for Transcendence is a multi-media installation, which explores the closed-door negotiation of cultural values and narratives established by colonial incursion and Eurocentric projections of non-white identity.  Using the framework of stained glass windows, which were historically used to illustrate the narratives of the Bible to a largely illiterate populace Christion presents a collage of re-appropriated clips of films with varied patronizing and ethnocentric themes and perspectives. 


The collage of clips playing simultaneously in the same frame creates a kaleidoscopic effect providing ever-changing perspectives. Dislocating the viewer with an overbalance of incongruent representational imagery that coerces a need and desire to transcend from the pervasive influence of inherited and perceptual identities. 

Black Liberation Theology, a theological perspective that can be traced back to the ’60s was adopted among African American seminarians and

scholars who asserted that a God who values justice over victimization is on the side of the oppressed (i.e. the poor, the suffering, and the outcast) not the oppressor. Christion asserts that identity like transcendence exists both within and beyond the universe; in it, but not of it; simultaneously pervading it and surpassing it. Transcendence is more than liberation upon death but rather the manifestation of self-definition and self-affirmation in the physical world.



from the press release for Eastside International (ESXLA)

Video Projections featured in the  installation A Context of Transcendence

Stained Glass Video Projections:

The use of stained glass as a motif reflects its use as a communication device for diverse multi-lingual masses. A church’s architectural function is that of religious communication, as such stained glass taught masses of people by visual means and through stories. My experiences in the church fuel my interest in historical discrepancies, cultural speculations, and myth creation. In the 16th century, the Reformation coincided with a revival of general literacy, aided by the invention of the printing press. My work investigates the relationship of contemporary dissemination of public information, images, and rhetoric through media and internet outlets.

The Birth: Stained Glass Window #1, 2018 Still of Video Projection, Dimensions Variable

Circles: Stained Glass Window #2, 2018, Still of Video Projection, Dimensions Variable

Untitled: Stained Glass Window #3, 2018, Still of Video Projection, Dimensions Variable

Looking at elements within the installation: The Sculptures 

The installation also consisted of multi-media objects. The exhibition space had two different installation quadrants reminiscent of church kneeler confessionals. Viewers kneel to look through a  video in the mask that uses a split-screen 3d effect. This viewing effect can create a feeling of imbalance as if you have momentarily lost your equilibrium.

Portal Face Mask 
2017 - present 

Video and Mixed Media

Dimensions Variable

 Installation images: A Context of Transcendence

A Context for Transcendence is a multi-media installation that opened at Eastside International (ESXLA) in 2018, For more information go to: 

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