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Fracture Drawings

The Fractures Series (2014 – present) includes renderings of BIPOC victims of police violence. The renderings are drawn with scars, gouges, and fractures as you would find in statues and stolen artifacts that depict BIPOC in museum collections. More than material content; statues carry the power of symbolism. Inspiring an empathy and consideration often not applied to human beings whose resemblance they bear.

Fractures: An ongoing series of drawings
2014 - Present

In 2014 I was thinking about Emmitt Till, and the lack of empathy for the violence and brutality often endured by BIPOC. I was considering this in juxtaposition to the care and consideration taken for stolen artifacts that depict BIPOC.


I began rendering images of iconic BIPOC with the same scars, gouges, and fractures as you find in the statues. Drawing parallels in an effort of inspiring the same empathy and consideration to be applied to the viewing of human beings as we culturally do to the objects that bear their resemblance.

Fractures is an ongoing series. The most recent iteration includes victims of police brutality and violence.

Fractures Series: 2014 works

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