I See No Ships Series – An ongoing exploration of the theory of perceptual blindness
A story has long circulated that as Christopher Columbus approached the coast of the “New World,” Native Americans staring out at the water—straight at his ships—could not see them.  The theory is that when Columbus’s ships were approaching the Caribbean islands the Native people could not see them because they had no knowledge that such technology existed, and the idea of such a thing was too much for their primitive brains to process so they were blind to the ships. 
Within this series, I add a counter-narrative to romantic notions of colonial discovery, unspoiled wilderness, and civilized expansion. Migration/Creation addresses the social toxicity created from institutionalized redaction of culturally diverse perspectives. 
Migration/Creation,  2018
I See No Ship Trilogy pt. 3 of 3

Appropriation art collage piece


Runtime: 04:49



© Chris Christion, Artist/Curator

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