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Collaborative Art Projects by Jessica Wimbley and Chris Christion

Fieldnotes explores the culturally diverse and layered history of California principally during the westward expanse driven by the 1849 California Gold Rush and its relationship to the various sites both temporal and geographical in California history. Histography, a type of interactive timeline which allows users to interface with views between decades to millions of years, is used as framework to create dense multilayered imagery. Additionally, archive building, collage, histography, performance, and video are used to create artworks that investigate California’s natural, social, and political histories. 

Fieldnotes image
Fieldnotes namesake, is a homage to the anthropological research and film production of Zora Neale Hurston, in her groundbreaking documentary Fieldworks, 1928, while also demarking archive building, collage, video and performance as forms of fieldnotes. 

Film Still, Fieldworks, 1928 Zora Neale Hurston

The Unauthorized Histography of California Vol. 2: Fieldnotes, 2022

The Unauthorized Histography of California Vol 2: Fieldnotes is an 8 -minute collaborative video collage.  It is part of a two-volume series and weaves together vignettes composed of archival imagery from the Sacramento Historical Society of the Negro Bar and Sacramento/greater California Community, sourced video footage, and video/photo imagery produced by the artist team at the Negro Bar State Park, Sacramento area, and artist home studio. Imagery is layered in a framework to create dense multilayered remixing of video/ still imagery.

Queen Califia, a fictional character in which California received her namesake, played by Wimbley, will be used as a central figure throughout the length of the video, navigating through a multilayered video collage of Californian history and landscape, (histography) centered on the location and history of the Negro Bar State Park, a historic site named for African American gold miners during the 1849 California Gold Rush.

Clip,The Unauthorized Histography of California Vol 2: Fieldnotes,2022

Land of Milk & Honey image.png
The Land of Milk & Honey is a traveling multidisciplinary arts and culture program that focuses on concepts around agriculture in the regions of California and Mexico and is presented by the MexiCali Biennial. 
The exhibition explores artists’ views around multi-layered topics associated with agriculture including environmental impacts, cultural culinary traditions, identity and migration, regional histographies, and familial and mythical connections to food.

Still, The Unauthorized Histography of California Vol. 2: Fieldnotes, 2022

Unauthorized Histography of California Vol.II Fieldnotes, 2022  image 1

Selected Themes and Sources

California Natural Resource Agency, Sacramento, CA

Public Art CA Digital Art Collection

Fieldnotes: Califia, 2021 

Chris Christion & Jessica Wimbley

Video Collage

2:34 minutes

In partnership with the State of California and Dyson and Womack, Fieldnotes: Califia is featured on 35ft digital screen in the lobby of California Natural Resource Agency in Sacramento, CA.

Clip, Fieldnotes: Califia, 2021

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