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What is the Church of Biomythography?

In 2018 my wife and took advantage of our extended home time during the Covid-19 lockdown by converting a portion of our home studio into an installation stage.


Dubbed The Church of Biomythograpy, we’ve been experimenting with filming different installations, podcasts, and media content under our curatorial project Biomythograpy.

Below are a series of experiments I've been doing with various multi-media works I've created for my Context Exhibition  Series.

The Context Series (2015 - Present) Christion examines the ways in which Christianity particularly interpretations of scripture has been used to generate racism and ignorance while promoting the values and standards of its Eurocentric leadership. Through the context series, Christion explores Rev James H. Cone’s theory that transcendence (or the act of rising above the limits or boundaries of culturally fixed identity) comes from the ability and the context to express and articulate of one’s own definition of self.

Champion Ship 

Mixed Media

Championship 2019.jpg

Champion Ship Installed

Some notes about the making of the work:


In a not-so-subtle alluding to the legacy of slavery in the power dynamics of sports Championship places a formation of small toy athletic figurines on a gold model cargo ship. The work was inspired by the NFL's response to Colin Kaepernick’s protests of police violence against black lives in 2016-2017 as well as the subsequent response to athlete’s protests during the Black Lives Matter Movement of 2020.


Championship combines a found object ( a model cargo ship) with a vintage Electronic Football game (circa 1960). Detailed, plastic players on bases, are placed on the field in formations, just as in real football.  A switch attached to a motion sensor is activated that turns on an electric-powered counterbalanced motor causing the field to vibrate and the players to move around the field.  When a viewer(s) motion activates the motor the players spin and crashes into one another repeatedly until their motion stops.

Some Installation Images

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