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Darkness Falls

Appropriation art collage piece


What is Darkness Falls about?

Darkness Falls is an exploration of the inner psychological space of male toxicity. Weaving various layers of appropriated video and audio clips together I create a fictional inner narrative for the actions of the film's gun-toting white male protagonist. The video explores the fear, anger, violence, and loss propagated by performances of masculinity as a tactic of masking personal weaknesses.

Main protagonist

On May 4, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety officers responded to multiple reports of a man, possibly intoxicated, carrying a rifle along East Cork Street in the city's Milwood neighborhood. After a somewhat tense 40-minute encounter Joseph Houseman, 63, was eventually persuaded to hand over the gun, which was returned to him the next day. Police considered but ultimately decided against seeking a misdemeanor charge of brandishing a firearm.

A man openly carries a rifle on Cork Street in Kalamazoo

It is legal to carry a gun in Michigan openly but illegal to brandish one, which KDPS Assistant Chief Donald Webster described as essentially "waving or displaying the firearm in a threatening manner."

The Making of Darkness Falls

Some important references to note:

1)    “The Iceman and the Psychiatrist"

This documentary features more insights into the mind of Richard Kuklinski, who here for the first time allows a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Park Dietz, to interview him for HBO cameras.

2)    Red State 2011 ‧ Horror/Thriller 

Red State was inspired by the real-life Westboro Baptist Church; a small family commune in Topeka, Kansas that was best known for picketing at funerals, holding offensive placards, and using the phrase “God Hates Fags” (along with others) just to get on everyone’s bad side


3)    Fierce crackdown on ‘Occupy Oakland’ protest, Oct 2011

Police used tear gas and concussion grenades in an attempt at ending the demonstration in a “one-sided” eight-hour street fight.

4)    Incredible Hulk and Lonely Man Theme

 "The Lonely Man Theme" with which all episodes of The Incredible Hulk ended, played over David Bruce Banner walking down yet another lonely road

Darkness Falls​
Appropriation art collage piece

work-in-progress 2015

Running Time: 09:55

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