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Context Exhibitions

the Context Series (2015 - Present) Christion examines the ways in which Christianity particularly interpretations of scripture has been used to generate racism and ignorance while promoting the values and standards of its Eurocentric leadership. Through the context series, Christion explores Rev James H. Cone’s theory that transcendence (or the act of rising above the limits or boundaries of culturally fixed identity) comes from the ability and the context to express and articulate of one’s own definition of self.

Chris Christion Reclamation Image.jpg

C.J. Rodman Center for the Arts: Caestecker Gallery, Ripon College

The exhibition Reclamation explores themes of history, identity, religion, and inherited social perceptions. Consisting of a collection of drawings and video work the exhibition combines works from two ongoing series The Fractures Series (2014 - Present) and The Context Series (2015 – Present).

Context ESXLA 7.jpg

A Context For Transcendence


Eastside International (ESXLA)

“When you can express and articulate what’s happening to you, you have a measure of transcendence over it. It gives you speech, it gives you self-definition and when you have self-definition and not defined by the world then you transcend”.


James H. Cone


Axis of Ego
FAR Bazaar Alternative Art Fair & Art Collective Festival 
Cerritos College

“Axis of Ego: When and Where I Enter” is a video and multimedia installation which investigates notions of toxic masculinity, cultural humility, cultural speculation, and myth creation

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