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Artist/Curators Chris Christion and Jessica Wimbley on The Bllk Grrl Show! discussing Biomythography

About The Blk Grrrl Show - Blk-Politically radical black person - Grrrl- 3rd wave feminist inclusive of cis and trans women and inclusive of lesbian and bisexual women MP Chronicle Presents The Blk Grrrl Show critiques politics, pop culture, lit, art, music and the avant-garde from a feminist and radical perspective. The Blk Grrrl Show embraces both the afropunk and afrofuturism aesthetic. Challenging not only corporate’s perspective of “African-American,” but also challenging the Black status quo’s narrow perspective of who the Black community is.

The Blk Grrrl Show will showcase not only the cutting edge in Black culture from hiphop to afropunk, but also will discuss issues regarding the environment, local and national politics and fine art. The Blk Grrrl Show will also be a watchdog for the Black community. Teka-Lark Fleming the host has never been afraid to take on the suits or the status quo and has consistently been the lone modern voice openly defending the Black Los Angeles community against intolerance, exploitation and oppression from outside the community as well as from within. So be sure to tune-in every Thursday @ 7 PM PST for an all new episode of MP Chronicle Presents The Blk Grrrl Show, exclusively on the world-leader in original, hand-crafted "reality broadcasting" - LA Talk LIVE! and the Talk LIVE! Broadcast Network. Follow us on twitter at @mpchronicle or use the hashtag #blkgrrrl.

For more information on the Blk Grrrl Show:

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