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Artwork featured in play Broke-ology by playwright Nathan Louis Jackson

I have the pleasure of having artwork featured in the set design of an amazing play on view now at @bstreettheatre

BROKE-OLOGY is a tender look at the King family at a crossroads. Now widowed, William lives in the same house where he and his wife raised their two sons. As William deals with the challenges of getting older, the boys must face the prospect of taking care of their father while also pursuing their own best lives. How can the family overcome these trials? With love, a little sibling rivalry, and most of all: humor.

Running until June 4th

Contact: (916) 443-5300 Email: Official Website

This story is particularly touching for me as it dealing with topics I feel reflected in. A black family dealing with the loss of a parent and the evolution of two black boys who are represented visually on set by paintings of my brother and I.


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