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UC Berkeley Advanced Painting Class

My first class at UC Berkeley Art Practice Dept. These people were amazing!!!

UC Berkeley is by far one of the most enjoyable teaching experiences I've ever had. Here are a few images of students works from my first semester. Students in my advanced painting class explored considerations of identity and how perspective informs representation by studying conceptual and critical foundations such as visual literacy and narrative construction. Through in-group, individual and written contexts students learned to objectively analyze and assess images using relevant critique formats, concepts, and terminology. Incorporating these methods, they then developed meaningful content in concert with formal foundation skills in painting.

It was such a pleasure watching how their work and processes evolved as they developed their first two paintings. But then for their final project they were asked to incorporated what they've learned into their third painting while also re-exploring, reworking, and reconsidering the first two paintings and how to truly bring them together in relation to one another.

If only we had more time together. I'll miss these guys in my class but I'm excited I'll at least get a chance to see them on campus again the upcoming semester. As I'm excitedly developing my Foundations Drawing course for Spring I am filled with such great joy at returning to such a wonderful hub of growth and exchange @ UC Berkeley Art Practice Dept.


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