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Group Exhibition: Home Edition @ the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art

HOME EDITION Exhibition September 6 – November 12, 2022 HOME EDITION Reception September 27 from 4-7pm Remyth: A visualization by Adam et al. in collaboration with Pythonlady and Abstractmachine Featuring short performances by Chaffey College Students September 27 from 5-6pm

HOME EDITION Exhibition Chaffey College and the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art proudly present Home Edition. When the pandemic hit the U.S. in 2020 and we began to isolate, we had to rethink the ways in which we would connect to students, faculty, artists and community members. Like other cultural institutions and organizations, we worked to provide materials for our audiences that were virtually accessible. In addition, we wanted the content we developed to be thoughtful, relevant, and we wanted it to advance the collective missions of the college and museum. The result was a virtual series of curated conversations and lectures with artists, workshops and tutorials, and other collaborative programs that we called Home Edition. The series allowed (we hope) a reprieve from the uncertainty of pandemic times, while allowing the artists and cultural workers that we admire an opportunity to share their practice, expertise, and cultural production with our communities. As we return to campus in fall 2022, we wanted to reintroduce students, faculty, staff, and community members to our mission and programs. We felt strongly that a group exhibition featuring the participants of Home Edition is a beautiful way to reintroduce the physical museum and to bring these amazing artists and cultural producers together again one more time. Almost all of the participants from the Home Edition series of programs were able to participate in this exhibition at the museum. We are grateful for their enthusiasm for this project.


HOME EDITION Artists Pável Acevedo, Adam et al. ,Claudia Alvarez ,Amanda Maciel Antunes , Isabel Avila, Willie Baronet, William Camargo, Jodie Cavalier, Jonah Elijah, Christina Erives, Thomas Hamdani, Stanton Hunter, Dulce Soledad Ibarra Cole M. James, Jenny Kane, Justin E. Kemerling, Ann Le, Jackie Marsh, Katie Mendoza, Robert L. Newman III, Landyn Pan, Zeke Peña, Isabel Quintero, Nicole Rademacher, Cindy Rehm, Amy Sarkisian, Nicole Seisler, Macha Suzuki, Eric Tenorio, Rebecca Ustrell, Danielle Giudici Wallis, Jessica Wimbley & Chris Christion, Micah Wood

Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art 5885 Haven Avenue Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737 909-652-6492

We want to recognize that we are situated on the Rancho Cucamonga campus of Chaffey College which resides on the traditional and unceded lands of the Tongva people. We offer our respect to the elders both past and present and future. To learn more visit: and


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